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Lino Printing With A Sizzix Machine!

Lino printing with a Sizzix machine

I have been experimenting with printing lino on my Sizzix Die Cutting machine. My machine is 13 years old and rather battered but it's still going strong!

Sizzix machine

The Sizzix machine is normally used to cut intricate shapes out of paper or fabric using metal dies. It works like a mangle, squeezing the materials together to cut out the shape.

A number of plates and adapters are used for dies of differing sizes. I uses a combination of plates and added layers of craft felt to the process.

Using felt on a Sizzix machine for printmaking

After playing with different layer combinations I found the best to be as follows:


On the bottom l placed the Sizzix Thin Die Adapter, topped with the chunky base plate.

I then placed the acrylic cutting plate covered with a piece of felt (I used craft felt)

Next came the inked lino plate with the paper placed carefully on top.

Finally a layer of felt was placed over the paper and the second acrylic cutting plate finished off the sandwich!


Sizzix machine set up and ready for printing with lino

I ended up with some really good results!

Feather lino print printed with a Sizzix machine

The prints were consistent and once set up the printing process became a lot quicker.

Leaves lino print printed with a sizzix machine

I was limited only by the size of the bed on which to work, however, there are extendable plates for a longer bed. The width however cannot be changed.

I have another machine, the Sizzix Big Shot Pro which has a much bigger work surface which I intend to turn into a decent sized press!

So if you own a die cutting machine why not try lino printing with it!

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