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Art is my sanctuary, a form of meditation through which I express my connection to the ever-changing wonders of the natural world and life on Dartmoor, Devon.  The colours, textures and inhabitants of this place inspire me daily.  Whether it’s the joyful dance of butterflies in my garden, or the resilience of wildflowers on the moors rugged terrain, Dartmoor weaves its magic into every piece of art.

Through my lino and gel plate prints, I aim to capture the intricate beauty of the natural world that surrounds me. Inspired by the flora and fauna of this unique landscape, I use printmaking techniques to explore the delicate balance between detailed realism and abstract interpretations.

My creative process involves carving intricate designs into linoleum, a process which demands meticulous attention to detail. In contrast, gel plate printing allows me to play with colour and texture, a realm where I embrace the unexpected, experimenting with stencils and mark making tools.

My art is a celebration of nature's wonders and Dartmoors untamed beauty. I seek to invoke a sense of wonder and connection to nature in my viewers, inviting them to explore the hidden intricacies of the world we often take for granted.

Through my art, I invite the joy of nature and the beauty of dartmoor to grace peoples homes, fostering a deeper connection to the natural world which surrounds us.

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