Gelli Printing

As an artist I am always learning and trying out new things, so when I saw some beautiful images on pinterest that were made using a gelatin printing plate I just had to have a go!

I found a couple of companies selling ready made gel plates, however, they are rather expensive!

I did a bit of research online & found a number of recipes for making my own. I did have to play with the recipe (my first plate didn't make it out of the dish intact!) but after some tinkering, I am now really pleased with the result.

I should warn you that gelli printing is highly addictive!!

I am always finding new things to print with as found objects (what my other half would call junk!) make for interesting mark making tools. I also use stencils (stencils used for cake decoration are sometimes cheaper than 'art' stencils) and I am now making my own with a product called tyvek. It's a material used in the building trade which I buy in paper like sheets. It's inexpensive, easy to cut, is really strong and waterproof. So unlike paper stencils which fall apart easily, it can be used again and again.

There are so many great ways to create quick, easy and fun prints for so many uses!

Papers for cardmaking and scrapbooking, wrapping paper, printed stationery and uniquely printed fabric!

It is also great fun for kids to get involved with (my daughter often prints with me)

Here are a few of the prints I have made so far which I hope will inspire you to give Gelli Printing a go....

Ferns Gelli Print by Rebecca Ravenhill
Bee Gelli Print by Rebecca Ravenhill
Butterfly Gelli Print by Rebecca Ravenhill

Ferns Gelli Print by Rebecca Ravenhill

Gelli Print by Rebecca Ravenhill