2 Colour Print of Quirky Trees

I have been working on what I like to call my Quirky Trees!

I love painting and printing trees but I wanted to create something a little more stylised.

I started with a sketch, and once happy with it I transfer it onto the lino with tracing paper.

The transferred image is then drawn over with permanent marker and carving begins!

Carving Lino Trees

Carving the Tree

The tree is a 2 colour print and so, once the key block is carved (the branches of the tree) I print this onto a second piece of lino to create the colour block, carving around the printed image.

Colour block and key block

I had three tree designs and the colour block is printed first...

Then the key block is lined up over the colour block and printed on top...

I am not 100% happy with these prints but I feel that they are the beginning of a good design. I look forwards to developing this idea and playing with different colour combinations!